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July 22, 2010 - Ears to Hear ...

Posted by My Beloved's Worship Garden on July 29, 2010 at 4:38 AM

July 22, 2010 

Ears to Hear

Good Morning,

The Spirit of the Lord says;

My beloved, those who are weak and have little strength, I Am increasing your might and power. I know that there were times that you felt as though all you had to hold onto was My promises to you and your love for Me. You thought that you had let Me down, instead I Am well pleased with you, for you kept My name. You did not go in search of another lover, you remained faithful and true to Me. I know the motives and intents of your heart My true worshiper and I Am delighted with you. In those times of solitude and moments of despair and encouragement, you began to bud and bloom, right there in the desert places. Like a river, I will begin to pour upon you in this season a gentle anointing that will expand with each step you take. So, my beloved, in this stretch of quietness, and duration of obscurity, know that I have not overlooked you. Instead, I have been refining and clarifying your purpose and calling. You will now sense a new joy bubbling up inside you and a new radiance will be seen from you. Your desires to draw closer to Me will be the propellant for greater revelation and an open heaven over you.

Comfort, you cry for comfort and peace. I Am your Comforter and your Peace. In the midst of struggles, you must learn to rest in Me, by keeping your mind stayed on those eternal things, not on temporal. Shut the doors and all openings to the enemy, by simple obedience to My Word. You will find yourself in the hiding place that I provide for all who fear Me. There I will infuse you with renewed hope. The impossible will be possible to you, you will be alive and abounding in the greater works of the Kingdom. The process is to bring you up higher and to produce greater fruit bearing. Iron is sharpening iron, making you strong and immovable through every condition and environment. This is just a preparational season to mature you and to temper you. Causing your face to be set like a flint. This is only the beginning of the awe-inspiring you that I Am transforming. So stay strong in order to be equipped to persevere and be the fire in the days ahead. Keep your eyes looking right on and stay on the narrow way!


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