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My Shekinah Glory

Posted by My Beloved's Worship Garden on July 5, 2010 at 9:24 AM

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Oh, My children, I would say unto you, that you are in the inner recesses of My heart, and that I am in the inner recesses of your hearts. I want you to remember the complete victory of the Cross. From a place of Ultimate suffering, sprang spiritual gold, and springs of living water, gold, silver, rubies and diamonds, precious stones, everlasting life, all in the Spirit. These priceless gifts came from My heart of love for you, for you, for you. Know, know, know, that on that day--don’t forget--that the veil in the temple in Jerusalem was rent from top to bottom by My Father, signifying the salvation of My Son, Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Before I rent the veil, there was no access to My Presence for all mankind. You were without, because of your sin. Now you are one new man in Christ Jesus, the Lord, through faith in Him.


This truth is extremely important for you to know and remember. By the Blood of the Lamb, you can come into the Holy of Holies, and, O, now that the price is paid, everyone who will, whosoever will, can come into the holy of holies with Me, where the Way has been opened by My Son. And do not forget My children, My precious children, that I have also come into the inner recesses of your heart. You are the temple of the Holy Ghost. You are now where the Shekinah glory of My Father dwells. The hearts of all, who have been born again by the Blood of My Son, make up the holy of holies, by My indwelling glory, in My family, both in heaven and in earth.


You have been cleansed, and your hearts have been re-created by the New Birth.

You are a suitable temple now, by the Blood of the Lamb, a temple, a house in which I dwell, a house of lively stones, with whom I have built Myself a habitation of the Holy Spirit. Moses’ temple and Solomon’s temple were pictures of what I was going to do in you and for you. Now the holy of holies is in your heart by the Holy Spirit. I am underscoring this, and you may feel that I’m saying this more times than is necessary. But it’s necessary, lest you forget, it’s necessary that you know that you know that you know that I dwell in you and you dwell in Me. You must know this with your heart, you must know it with your heart, not just with your head. Ask Me, and I will reveal this truth to your heart. I will lead you into all truth by the Holy Spirit. I will write My Word upon your heart. You will walk in places where you have never walked before, when you understand this revelation with your heart. You will walk on the King’s Highway, you will walk with Me, not up and down, in and out, but you will walk with Me, even as Enoch did. You will desire the secret place with Me, and I will meet you there.




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