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Amazing are the works of Your hand my Lord

Posted by My Beloved's Worship Garden on June 27, 2010 at 6:08 PM Comments comments (0)

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are the works of Your hand my Lord

From the heavens to the depths of the oceans

Your work I see

With hands that created mighty mountains

You reach out to me

With hands that have shaped the world, the nations

You hold me

With those very hands that have done wonders

You hold me

With those nail pierced hand

You wipe my tears

I am small, but my Lord, my God, You are great

So with humble hands lifted up I give You all the praise


The LORD is my Light and my Salvation

Posted by My Beloved's Worship Garden on June 18, 2010 at 12:56 PM Comments comments (0)

The LORDis my light and my salvation." Here is personal interest: "my light," "my salvation"; the soul is assured of it, and therefore declares it boldly. Into the soul at the new birth, divine light is poured as the forerunner of salvation; where there is not enough light to reveal our own darkness and to make us long for the Lord Jesus, there is no evidence of salvation.


After conversion our God is our joy, comfort, guide, teacher, and in every sense our light: He is light within us, light around us, light reflected from us, and light to be revealed to us. Note, it does not just say that the Lord gives light, but that He is light; nor that He gives salvation, but that He is salvation; so, then, whoever by faith has laid hold upon God has all the covenant blessings in their possession. Once this fact is assured, the deduction from it is put in the form of a question, "Whom shall I fear?"

A question that is its own answer. The powers of darkness are not to be feared, for the Lord, our light, destroys them; and we need not dread the damnation of hell, for the Lord is our salvation.


This is a very different challenge from that of boastful Goliath, for it rests not upon the conceited vigor of human strength, but upon the real power of the omnipotent I AM. "The LORDis the stronghold of my life." Here is a third glowing quality showing that the writer's hope was fastened with a threefold cord that could not be broken. It is no surprise that we accumulate terms of praise where the Lord lavishes deeds of grace.


Our life derives all its strength from God; and if He deigns to make us strong, we cannot be weakened by all the cunning movements of our adversary. "Whom shall I fear?"

The bold question looks into the future as well as the present. "If God is for us, who can be against us,"1either now or in time to come?





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